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✩ post masterlist

masterlist of everything i've posted to my dw 

✩ do not repost my translations without permission
✩ do not claim these translations as your own
✩ contact me first regarding re-translation into other languages
✩ if you have an issue with my translations, please contact me. my japanese is rudimentary at best as i havent been studying long, but im always looking to learn!
✩ pm me if you want a link to the unlinked items. they're unlinked for privacy/distributor reasons!

translations list

yokubou wa yume no naka: iwaizumi/oikawa doujinshi; r18

✩ensemble stars
launch! the night sky of the shooting star festival
 2017/6/30 - 2017/10/7
scout! little kings 2017/6/29 - 2017/7/14

✩BL manga
✩✩ secret one room by enu; [1]

✩✩ nigereba kobushi hirakeba tenohira by wakame; chapter 1

video game reviews (a-z)

period cube: ~shackles of amadeus~ (ps vita, 2017)