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2016-02-29 07:31 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: ✩ post masterlist

masterlist of everything i've posted to my dw 

✩ do not repost my translations without permission
✩ do not claim these translations as your own
✩ contact me first regarding re-translation into other languages
✩ if you have an issue with my translations, please contact me. my japanese is rudimentary at best as i havent been studying long, but im always looking to learn!
✩ pm me if you want a link to the unlinked items. they're unlinked for privacy/distributor reasons!

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2017-07-09 11:44 pm

✩ scout! little kings 2017/6/29 - 2017/7/14

scout! little kings
scouting period: 2017/6/29 - 2017/7/14
season: summer
author: yuuki yoshino

i scouted 3 times to get midori and failed, but i got a lot of the 3*s so I have all the stories unlocked lmao /dies. 

CURRENT STATUS: Work in progress. Hoping to have 1 chapter completed per week.

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2017-07-09 09:12 pm

✩ launch! the night sky of the shooting star festival 17/6/30 - 17/7/10

launch! the night sky of the shooting star festival
event run time: 17/6/30 - 17/7/10

this was my second event since starting this game, but i loved the chiaki 4* so much i made it my goal to obtain at least 1 copy. i managed to end at 804,047 points, which, while admittedly isn't really all that impressive, was a milestone for me considering i'm a noob HAHA;;

i only decided to start these translations on the 2nd last day of the event, so i didn't manage to grab everything ;__; but there's always next time, right?!

kagehira mika ★★ event -yukata are good too huh )
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2017-06-14 06:03 pm

✩ [review] period cube: ~shackles of amadeus~

period cube: ~shackles of amadeus~
platform: playstation vita
release date (en): april 28 2017

warning: spoilers ahead!
please jump to my final thoughts for a spoiler-free opinion!

it's no secret that i like otome games; as cliche or ridiculous their plots are, there's something fun about the inaneness of it all that keeps me buying a bunch of the titles that get released. i was on the fence about period cube shortly after it's release due to all the mixed reception it had received from both japanese and western fans alike. however, ultimately i decided to get it just to support the company if nothing else, as honestly they're doing a great job in bringing this slightly niche genre to the west.

this review is going to be a work in progress until i finish the game, because i like to write down my thoughts while my thoughts and opinions of the routes are still fresh in my mind! (pics to be added when i can plug in my vita LOL)

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