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✩ launch! the night sky of the shooting star festival 17/6/30 - 17/7/10

launch! the night sky of the shooting star festival
event run time: 17/6/30 - 17/7/10

this was my second event since starting this game, but i loved the chiaki 4* so much i made it my goal to obtain at least 1 copy. i managed to end at 804,047 points, which, while admittedly isn't really all that impressive, was a milestone for me considering i'm a noob HAHA;;

i only decided to start these translations on the 2nd last day of the event, so i didn't manage to grab everything ;__; but there's always next time, right?!

kagehira mika ★★ event - yukata are good too, huh 1/3

Mika: Ngah, (player). Don't make any noise~ but come in!
Mika: Master finally slept. 
Mika: Don't be noisy, I don't want ta wake him.
Player choice: I wonder if his body hurts / Sorry to bother you.
Mika: Eh, ah... You're leaving already? If a guest comes to the handicraft club and I don't serve tea, master will scold me!
Mika: Here, is just havin' tea ok?
> Increased trust.

kagehira mika ★★
 event - yukata are good too, huh 2/3

 Ehehe~ Ne, what (player). Do I look happy?
Mika: Yep, I'm super happy! I'm gonna be checking out the stalls with master.
Mika: Already, I feel like I'm floating ♪
Player choice: Have you decided how you're going to go around? / I'm glad.
Mika: Ah... what should we do?
Mika: Aah, there are so many places I want to go to with master, but..
Mika: There's too many, picking where is gonna trouble me.
> Increased trust.

kagehira mika ★★
 event -yukata are good too, huh 3/3

 Oh, ya came, (player)
Mika: Not only for master and Mado-nee, but ya also made a yukata for me.
Mika: Of course, I'll give my thanks!
Player choice: If it makes you happy, I'm happy too. / Is it comfortable?
Mika: I got it, if ya happy then I'm happy.... ♪
Mika: The yukata that (player) made for us...
Mika: Um... well, I'll treasure it ♪
> Increased trust.

kagehira mika ★★ event - festival food tour 1/3

Mika: Huh? (player)!
Mika: I bought takoyaki at that stall over there, does (player) want 'ta eat some too?
Mika: If you were going to buy ya own, ya don't have ta eat it or anythin'.
Player choice: Can you get me shaved ice? / Thank you.
Mika: Ah, it's fresh, so cool it before you eat it!
Mika: Your tongue, it'd be a problem if ya burnt it.... Here, havin' a drink would be better, huh?
Mika: I'll go buy it for ya, so just wait here ♪
> Obtained red fragments.

kagehira mika ★★
 event - festival food tour 2/3

 I like festivals.
Mika: People are gathered, and while it's hot and humid...
Mika: It's the atmosphere of a festival~ What do you like ♪
Player choice: I like it too / The tension is rising, huh?
Mika: (player) too? Ehehe, we're group mates~ ♪
Mika: Ahaha, it's really that (player) cares a lot~
Mika: Maa, doing stuff at the festival won't be a problem, huh?
> Obtained yellow fragments.

kagehira mika ★★
 event - festival food tour 3/3

 Woah... Fireworks are pretty... ♪
Mika: Mado-nee is also here, she'd definitely be happy.
Mika: Ah.... It's a shame I can't show her the scenery.
Player choice: If you talked to her about today I'd be happy. / Take a picture with your smartphone. 
Mika: Un. Mado-nee is kind, so I'm happy but...
Mika: I want to show it straight on after all. 
Mika: Ah, I'll consult master about it.
> Obtained yellow fragments.

morisawa chiaki ★★
 event - it's a joint live 1/3

Chiaki: Ah, (player). You came to school even though it's summer vacation, so thanks for your hard work.... ✩
Chiaki: Huh, me? I'm going to the handicrafts club from here.
Chiaki: He's not here, but I'm going with Kanata.
Player choice: Why the handicrafts club? / The electricity's on until late.
Chiaki: "Valkyrie" invited "Ryuseitai" to see them there.
Chiaki: Hmm? Ah, "Ryuseitai" is at a local festival.
Chiaki: Because this year's chosen keyword is "meteors", our voices will be there!
> Increased trust

morisawa chiaki ★★
 event - it's a joint live 2/3
 I'm happy, "Valkyrie" will also participate in the meteor festival ✩
Chiaki: Owa, (player)!? As usual, you have no presence?
Chiaki: ....What? In that case it's my turn?
Player choice: Need help with making costumes? / I'm happy that there's more work.
 Costume making..... Aah. Ryuseitai's, right?
Chiaki: Definitely, Ryuseitai and Valkyrie's costumes will have to be made, huh.
Chiaki: I can't help out, I wouldn't mind listening to the saiguu (princess).
> Increased trust

morisawa chiaki ★★ event - it's a joint live 3/3
 Ah! This croissant is so delicious!
Chiaki: Huh? It's not good to eat while walking?
Chiaki: That's right. I agree with (player).
Player choice: It smells delicious / Are you hungry?
Chiaki: (Player), is saliva dripping?
Chiaki: Ahaha, you're probably someone who's more interested in food than romance, right?
Chiaki: We received a lot of these souvenirs, so you should eat some too!
> Obtained yellow fragments

morisawa chiaki ★
 event - the festival's hero 1/3
 Yup yuup. They're safe, I'm glad I found that child's mother.
Chiaki: It's thanks to you and Nagumo. Thank you.
Chiaki: In this, you join the rank of heroes of justice, hmm ♪
Player choice: The hero is senpai / I will protect the peace of the world!
Chiaki: Oh, you get in to it well.
Chiaki: It's not so bad to say you're a hero~
> Obtained yellow fragments

morisawa chiaki 
 event - the festival's hero 2/3
Chiaki: There's still time before the meteor festival begins
Chiaki: Alright. Before the live, let's have a quick bite. (Player), what do you want to eat?
Chiaki: There's konamono, but there's also the opposite, something sweet.
Player choice: Something sweet / Konamono* (Something made with flour, eg. takoyaki, okonomiyaki)
Chiaki: Alright, okonomiyaki or takoyaki it is.
Chiaki: Well if I feel heavy, I will endure it with one type.
Chiaki: What (player) can't finish, is it okay if I eat it too? 
> Obtained blue fragments.

morisawa chiaki 
★ event - the festival's hero 3/3
Chiaki: Ta~maya~!
Chiaki: (player), use your voice too, ta~maya~!
Chiaki: Yup yup, as I thought, the heave-ho of fireworks is this ✩
Player choice: Shall we watch the fireworks quietly? / The people who gathered are hooked too, huh?
Chiaki: Alright, let's also undauntedly raise our voices!
Chiaki: Ta~maya~! Yeah, that's the rhythm!
Chiaki: Let's get excited like the fireworks at a festival! ♪
> Obtained yellow fragments.