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✩ scout! little kings 2017/6/29 - 2017/7/14

scout! little kings
scouting period: 2017/6/29 - 2017/7/14
season: summer
author: yuuki yoshino

i scouted 3 times to get midori and failed, but i got a lot of the 3*s so I have all the stories unlocked lmao /dies. 

CURRENT STATUS: Work in progress. Hoping to have 1 chapter completed per week.

Translation notes

Italicised words are words that Tsukasa randomly says in English, lol.

Chapter 1: 

Fushimi and Tsukasa both speak extremely formally, albeit in different ways to each other. While Tsukasa speaks mainly in respectful teinei forms, Fushimi speaks in sonkeigo and kenjougo. This doesn't translate well into English, as it is essentially the changing of sentence construction in order to honour the 'hierarchal difference' between speakers that is prominent in Japanese culture. Simply put, imagine that Fushimi speaks of Tsukasa as a higher rank than him, and that he uses long and convoluted special words when talking to respectfully acknowledge this difference. 

Taketonbo (竹トンボ): A type of small Japanese wooden toy. It's like a stick with wings at the top that you rub in your hands at let go of so that they "fly". 

Chapter 2:

Fugashi: A traditional Japanese sweet. It is wheat that is boiled and covered in brown sugar... I don't really know how to describe it.


Chapter 1

Location: Archery field

Tsukasa: Draw the bow...... Ah ✩
Tsukasa: Marvelous! Fufun, it's dead on. Next time I'll also hit it magnificently.

Fushimi: Fufu. Young master Suou is brilliant.
Tsukasa: ....Fushimi-senpai. Please stop calling me "Young master Suou".
Fushimi: That is disrespectful. My apologies if it makes you uncomfortable.
Fushimi: Tsukasa-sama, Hasumi-sama can no longer interrupt his club activities with the work of the student council. I will relay the message when club activities are finished. 
Tsukasa: Hm. No wonder I thought I didn't see his figure. Or should I say, I'm embarrassed that I was so zealously aware of it. 
Fushimi: That simply means you were focused on your club activities. I'm taking some free time, but how is Tsukasa-sama?
Tsukasa: Is that so.... I will also go up until this point today.
Tsukasa: Fushimi senpai, where are you going from here?
Tsukasa: Since club activities finished earlier than planned, I think I'm going to take a quick look at the shopping district. If it's okay with you, shall we go together?

Fushimi: Hmm, Tsukasa-sama and shopping districts are a strange combination, aren't they?
Tsukasa: It seems that there are stores specializing in cheap candy in the shopping district.... If it's just once it's okay, so I want to try going.
Tsukasa: However, with club activities, 'Knights' work and other miscellaneous errands piled on, it's been impossible to go.
Tsukasa: Today is my chance!
Fushimi: I would like to go with you there, however, after this I have plans to pick up the young master...
Tsukasa: I understand. It can't be helped that you have plans.
Fushimi: I apologize. In that case, Tsukasa-sama, please excuse me from here.
Tsukasa: .................
Tsukasa: (Now. I shall contact the servants that I will be late from club activities. Let's head into town until lesson time.)
Tsukasa: (What kind of cheap candy store will I find? I'm looking forward to it...♪)

Location: Shopping District

Tsukasa: Hmm....?
Tsukasa: (This is a problem. Just knowing that there is a candy shop in the shopping district is insufficient. I won't be able to find the shop like this.) 
Tsukasa: (Even if I asked the passers-by, I don't know the name of the store...)
Tsukasa: (In any case, I've only been wasting time up until now. There's nothing to lose, so let's ask someone.)
Tsukasa: Umm, excuse me. Do you perhaps have some time to spare?
Mitsuru: Of course! .... Eh, Tsukasa-chan?

Tsukasa: Oh, Tenma-kun. Is Tenma-kun also shopping?
Mitsuru: Un. I'm gonna play at the game center, but if there's still time then I'm gonna head to the cheap sweets store!
Mitsuru: For the price, you can buy a whole lot of sweets. Ya-ho~i ✩
Tsukasa: Marvelous...! This is a god send. Truthfully, I'm the same as Tenma-kun, I'm on my way to the cheap sweets store.
Tsukasa: However, well.... I don't know the way, so it seems I've become a lost child. 
Tsukasa: In any case, I was looking for someone to ask when I called out to Tenma-kun. That sort of thing.
Mitsuru: Well then, let's go together! This way, this way, it's in a place that's a little hard to find~ I also became a lost child the first time I came here.
Tsukasa: Tenma-kun, do we really go through here?
Tsukasa: There's a gap that lets people go through between the stores... isn't it a bit cramped?
Mitsuru: Mm. If someone were to come from over there I'd have to go back, but there isn't much of a distance. Therefore it's fi~ne ♪
Tsukasa: I see. I shall believe Tenma-kun's words. Well then, please show me the way ♪

Midori: Huh? Tenma-kun and co....... what are you doing?
Mitsuru: Wah, Midori-chan. You called out from behind, it surprised me! Are you helping out your family?
Mitsuru: I'd rather eat bread than cucumbers! Give me bread! ♪
Midori: Welcome......... Even if you say bread..... my family's store is a greengrocer so we don't have bread......
Midori: By the way, isn't this a strange combination...?
Mitsuru: You think? I met Tsujasa-chan when he was on his way to the cheap sweets store. Midori-chan, do you know there's a cheap sweets store in this shopping district?
Midori: Yeah......... I've been going to that cheap sweet store since I was little.
Midori: They sell at a price that has no regard towards profit, so I'm worried but.... They do it as a hobby, so they don't think about profit.
Mitsuru: I don't really understand this talk about profit, but my pocket money is limited so if it's cheap, I'll be saved~
Mitsuru: Hmm? Wasn't that a familiar voice~?
Mitsuru: Ah, it's (player)-ne~chan~!

Tsukasa: Wah, onee-sama! I didn't think that I would meet onee-sama in this kind of place.
Tsukasa: Fufu. Today you also don't have any 'Producer' work, so you're spending your free time going home loafing around the shopping district, right?
Midori: It's bad to get excited in this place but.... Since a customer has come, I wonder if it's okay to return to serving customers...
Tsukasa: No, we sincerly apologize for disturbing your work.
Tsukasa: Tenma-kun, onee-sama. Standing and talking in front of the store will turn us into an annoyance, shall we move locations?
Tsukasa: .... Mm. We won't bother the passers-by here.
Tsukasa: Ah, "Where are you two going from here" you said? I'm going with Tenma-kun to a cheap candy store. Does nee-sama also have an interest?
Tenma: Then, ne~chan should come too! We'll eat cheap sweets, and play with taketonbo*, it'll definitely be fun~♪
Tsukasa: I've heard of taketonbo. There's a fun competition in which you see how far you can make it fly by rotating the shaved bamboo.
Tsukasa: Tenma-kun seems to be familiar with games from the olden days, perhaps he can even pioneer new games.
Chapter 2

Location: Shopping district

Tsukasa: Marvelous......✩
Tsukasa: This is the sweet shop of rumours! The store is not only narrow, but the sweets are lined up in such a way that makes it difficult to choose.
Tsukasa: Tenma-kun, Tenma-kun, what candies are in the back? Ah, I've also never seen those before.
Tsukasa: ... Hmm? Cigarette? So they even go as far as dealing with tobacco.
Tsukasa: Why is it that there are cigarettes which can be easily confused in this store?
Mitsuru: Tsukasa-chan, it's not tobacco, it's candy! The packet has a picture of tobacco drawn on it, but there are all sorts of flavours, like lemon or peppermint!

Tsukasa: Oh, so the shape resembles tobacco, but it's actually candy. How interesting.
Mitsuru: Tsukasa-chan, have you eaten this before?
Tsukasa: No, I haven't. This thick brown thing is.... Ah. It reads 'fugashi'*. It's not particularly heavy, is it? Rather, it's quite light.
Mitsuru: It's sweet, it's delicious, and above all cheap! It's addictive if you eat it. Appreciate it ✩
Tsukasa: Okay! Ah, we can't let out a loud voice inside the store. Tenma-kun, if you have any other recommendations, please tell me.
Tsukasa: Seeing everything for the first time is exciting. It feels like I'll buy everything in the spur of the moment.
Mitsuru: H~m, does Tsukasa-chan like yogurt?
Mitsuru: This candy is yogurt flavoured and is delicious! You also lick the back of the lid, lick lick ♪
Tsukasa: I see, you scoop it out with the provided spoon and eat it, right?
Tsukasa: Marvelous........!

Tsukasa: Eh? We're being noisy? My apologies, even though I was the one to warn onee-sama earlier, I'm now the one doing the same thing without discipline. Are you surprised?
Tsukasa: Having the vigor of a child is okay in moderation?
Tsukasa: Hm, being treated like a child is undesirable. I, Suou Tsukasa, will keep it in mind......♪
Mitsuru: Tsukasa-chan, ne~chan. We're not only getting candy, but playing with taketonbo too, right?
Mitsuru: Ne~chan and Tsukasa-chan, I just bought taketonbo for the three of us. The competition is whoever's flies the furthest!
Tsukasa: Fufu. I'll accept your challenge, Tenma-kun. 
Tsukasa: Hm? What is it, onee-sama? If we're going to play with taketonbo, we shouldn't at the shopping district but head to the park so that we don't disturb passers-by........?
Tsukasa: Your words are reasonable. Is this also okay with Tenma-kun?
Mitsuru: Yup. There's also a notice written on the bag that says, "Play in a wide place where they are no people".
Mitsuru: The park is wide, so playing there won't be a problem~ ♪
Tsukasa: Well then, shall we head to the park? I'm itching to quickly go and play........♪

Location: Park

Mitsuru: Okay, here's Tsukasa-chan's taketonbo. This one is ne~chan's.
Tsukasa: Thank you very much! So this is a taketonbo... This is my first time touching the real thing, the smooth texture of the wood is almost too much to bear.
Tsukasa: Um, so I rotate the part in my grip with my palms.... Eeh!
Tsukasa: Ouch! The propeller hit my forehead? I did it exactly as instructed, so why?
Tsukasa: Kuh... I won't accept this!
Mitsuru: Tsukasa-chan, I'll show you an example, so look!
Mitsuru: Turn your taketonbo like this, ba-byu~n ✩
Mitsuru: Ahaha, it flew reeeally far! It's a new record, I did it!
Tsukasa: Hmm, hmm. When I saw Tenma-kun's method, I grasped the trick to it. I will show you success on the next one, so please look, onee-sama!
Tsukasa: I did it! Onee-sama, did you see? The taketonbo flew high towards you ♪
Tsukasa: Fufu. It's child's play, but I won't make light of it.

Tsukasa: The joy of the taketonbo flying won't subside; I feel like I want it to fly higher, and further!
Tsukasa: .....Onee-sama? You seem to be full of spirit, hm?
Tsukasa: Let's compete with Tenma-kun as to whose will fly the furthest; we've been challenged, so we don't want to lose, right?
Tsukasa: Right now, Tenma-kun is in the lead. I was praying that my taketonbo would also fly far, but it fell down by the bench behind us. 
Tsukasa: Tenma-kun just now...... his flew up until those bushes, right?
Tsukasa: Oh, it looks like (player) onee-sama's takedonbo flew into the ground. As expected, the result is.....?
Mitsuru: Hooray, I won! Ne~chan, because it flew pretty far, I thought I might lose. It was really suspenseful, huh!
Tsukasa: Because onee-sama has a younger brother........ You've played with taketonbo with your younger brother, haven't you?
Tsukasa: Ah excuse me, I have an incoming call on my smartphone. I will step away for a moment. 
Mitsuru: Ne~chan, what should we play until Tsukasa-chan returns?
Mitsuru: Ah, becuase I moved around, I'm thirsty. Wait a sec, I'll buy a drink at the vending machine.
Mitsuru: What would be good for Tsukasa-chan?

Mitsuru: ......Ah, he's back! Tsukasa-chan!
Tsukasa: ..................
Mitsuru: Whats wrong, you don't feel good? Was someone you don't like on the phone?
Tsukasa: Truthfully....... I get picked up from the academy, however an employee came and didn't see me so they became worried and called me on the phone. 
Tsukasa: If I tell them I was in the park with my peers, I will be scolded for forgetting about my lessons.
Tsukasa: Of course, I did remember, however it is also true that I became engrossed in playing with onee-sama and Tenma-kun.
Tsukasa: Regretfully, I said to bring the car here quickly, so.... I must leave today at this.
Mitsuru: I see. I wanted to play a bit more, but it can't be helped that you're getting picked up.
Mitsuru: Tsukasa-chan, shall we play again the next time you're free? Ne~chan too, pinky promise!
Tsukasa: Ah, certainly. Tenma-kun, onee-sama, thank you very much for today.....♪